Chris Pollard

My corner of the internet to share some of my favorite things - technology, AWS, being the father of twins, and whatever else comes up.


I’m a 30 something software engineer living in suburban Maryland with my wife, twin boys, and dog Paulie. Opinions are my own and don’t reflect the view of my employer.

I’ve been building software for over 15 years. Over the years, I’ve worked as an Oracle DBA, Full Stack Microsoft BI developer, team lead, consultant, and AWS operations engineer. I love new challenges and continuing to work in areas that interest and challenge me.

Latest Post

Jul 7, 2019

Car Mechanic/Developer

I have a colleague who I’ve worked with for a few years that I really respect as a leader. He’s no non-sense, straight forward, and not affraid to be bold. In the past, I’ve bemoaned to this guy that “what we do” (build and operate software) isn’t that difficult for 80% of the things that companies build and operate. Often, my friend will agree, frequently pointing out that he can take a good car mechanic and turn him or her into a productive developer. Read more


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